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Knots of Fun :: How to Play

What makes Knots of Fun interactive toys for dogs stand out from other dog toys is their simplicity. Knots of Fun toys are as easy as:


Knots of Fun plush food puzzle toys work with your dog’s favorite treats! No special treats are required to play. From meaty snacks to crunchy biscuits, interactive toys Knots of Fun enhances your dog’s favorite treats!


Test your dog’s problem-solving skills with knots. Hide the treats from your dog with a simple knot, and then encourage them to find their treat by untying the knot – and the fun!


Interactive toys for dogs are a fun way to play for you and your pet. Your dog will shake, toss, pull and tug Knots of Fun dog toys until they find their favorite treats!


Plush Puzzle Dog Toy Treat in the Box

Dog Food Puzzle Toy Lots of Knots