Frequently Asked Questions About Treat Dispensing Toys Knots of Fun

Why do dogs love Knots of Fun?

Knots of Fun are treat dispensing toys for dogs, designed to challenge and engage pets. Pets love these boredom buster dog toys because they can toss, shake, tug and play with the plush toys – and they receive treats when they conquer the knots!

How do dogs get their treats?

Knots are used to hide treats. The treats may be hidden beneath a knot, or hidden within the toy and secured with a knot. To retrieve their favorite treats, dogs must untie or loosen the knots using their mouths or paws. The level of difficulty may be adjusted by tying the knot tighter or looser.

How can Knots of Fun benefit my pet?

Knots of Fun toys were created to entertain pets and challenge their problem-solving skills. When left alone for extended periods of time or without adequate stimulation, pets can demonstrate destructive or undesirable behaviors. Knots of Fun interactive dog toys help dogs beat boredom as they work to find their favorite treats!

What treats can I use Knots of Fun toys?

Knots of Fun treat dispensing toys work with your dog’s favorite snacks, including biscuits and meaty-treats. Treat in the Box plush puzzle toys may also be used with small toys, such as a ball or stuffed animal.

How do I clean Knots of Fun toys?

Knots of Fun toys may be hand-cleaned using a mild soap and damp wash cloth. Allow to air dry.

What are Knots of Fun toys made from?

The Treat in the Box colorful toys are made from printed fabric and velvet outside. The inside is comprised of a polyester cotton fabric and padding to give it it’s fun shape!

Are Knots of Fun toys for tough chewers?

Knots of Fun toys are designed to entertain and engage dogs in normal everyday play; they are not designed as “indestructible” toys or as chew toys.