Knots of Fun Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

Knots of Fun started one afternoon, much like any other afternoon. Schatzi, a Doberman Pinscher, and Mia, a mixed-breed rescue, were wreaking havoc on their parent’s home. Their toy boxes were overflowing with the usual collection of dog toys, and they were bored with all of them – ignoring even their favorite toys on this lazy afternoon. Schatzi, in typical fashion, was demanding treat after treat, while Mia thought it would be a good idea to pull every shoe out of the closet. Their mom, desperate to beat their boredom, decided to try creating a toy that would challenge them. She pulled out her sewing machine, and Knots of Fun was born. Lots of Knots was the first treat dispensing dog toy created that afternoon, and Treat in the Box followed shortly. We’ve been making the big dog and small dog toys ever since.

Knots of Fun dog toys enhance your dog’s favorite treats or small toys. Fabric knots are used to hide treats, and to retrieve them, dogs must untie the knots using their mouth or paws. The difficulty of the plush toys can be adjusted by tying the knots tighter or looser. Shaking it, tugging it, and working to untie the knots – your dog will find many ways to engage with Knots of Fun food puzzle toys. Make playtime even more fun with Knots of Fun http://www.Knotsoffun.com treat dispensing toys !